18th Jan – 22nd March 2015

We’re running an 8 week Youth Alpha course for young people in year 9 and above. The idea behind the course is to explore more about Life, Faith, and Jesus through talks, discussion, and hanging out together. It’ll run each week at our Parkway site from 6.30-8pm. We also have a day away on 7th March.
In the discussion, there’ll be a chance to discuss all sorts of issues, and we encourage people to ask loads of questions. The course includes the following topics:

Life: is this it?

Jesus: who is he?

Cross: why did Jesus die?

Faith: how can I be sure?

Prayer: why and how should I pray?

Bible: why and how should I read the Bible?

Follow: How does God guide us into full life?

Spirit: Who is the Holy Spirit, and what does he do?

To register email: info@christchurchwgc.org.uk