Sunday groups

Totzone 1-3 year olds
Bubbles 3-6 year olds
Kidzone 6-10 year olds

Whichever site you are at we start together for a time of worship as a family. Each week is a little different as we may have a quiz, drama, a video clip and sometimes we even have chocolate! Children then leave for their own fun groups.


Parents with young ones can use this room which looks out into the main worship area through a large glass wall and sound is piped through so you can still see and hear the service.


This group is for 1-3 year olds who are encouraged to take part in a craft activity each week, linked to a bible verse. Circle time is an opportunity to sit for a drink, fruit or biscuit followed by a story and some singing. Birthdays are celebrated with a card and singing.

In free play time, the children can socialise with their friends while learning to play and share together with the toys and books available.
Specific activities are set up to help illustrate the story and provide imaginative play.

Towards the end of the session, children are encouraged to take part in prayers and music.

Parents may leave their children in TotZone but are also welcome to stay with their child if preferred.


Once children reach the term after their 3rd birthday they join our Bubbles group until the end of reception year.  In here the children make some great craft related to the story, they have opportunity to play and story time often includes puppets and acting out the story.

Prayer time can include some chill out lying down and listening to music, listening to what God might be saying and praying for each other.


School years 1-5 go to their KidZone room where they are checked-in and join their friends for an activity which introduces the theme. Then they go off to their age related group to discover more.

After this there may be a time for them to reflect about what they have been discovering and possible a song and prayer time.

Then before parents pick them up they have a choice of activities these can take the form of words searches, painting, and craft, playing games, chilling with friends or writing on the prayer wall. Parents then pick them up at the end of the service.