Adopt-a-Street in Prayer

What is it?

Through Advent, we want to encourage everyone to adopt a street, to regularly pray for those who live around them: a single neighbour, a few or an entire street.


Our hope, for the church and communities in which we live, is that

  • God would act in people’s lives, to bring healing, hope and loving relationships
  • We can demonstrate God’s love
  • God can use us to make His love known to people


As we PRAY, we can ask God to intervene in the lives of our neighbours.

By praying for and making opportunities, we can:

  • CARE by listening, helping and showing hospitality
  • SHARE knowledge of Jesus and our life-changing faith in Him

So, in a world where we see sickness, fear, loneliness, despair, grief and the trappings of the modern world, let’s pray that our neighbours’ lives see

  • Healing – physical, mental and emotional
  • Hope – in the face of neighbours’ struggles with debt, unemployment and past experiences
  • Loving relationships – with their family and friends
  • Opportunities to demonstrate God’s love – by getting know them and getting alongside them
  • Opportunities to share God’s love shown in Jesus – by getting to a place where can show and talk about our faith