Special Events

Throughout the year, we hold some special events for our children and families to come together for fun, friendship, family together and faith building.

Here are some of our highlights of past events.

Easter ‘Escape’ Experience 2024

A thrilling family adventure where families completed a mission of completing challenges, cracking codes and following Jesus’ journey through Holy Week.

Pancake Party 2024

To kick start the season of Lent, families gathered together at our Family Feast Pancake Party. Lots of pancakes were eaten, games played equalled a fun afternoon.


We love to celebrate Jesus’ birth. In 2023, we held our Family Feast @ Advent, Christmas Extravaganza (with live animals) and our Pop Up Nativity on Christmas Eve.

Light Party 2023

We had a great Light Party in 2023! We played games, completed crafts, danced at a disco and ate food! Here are a few of our highlights!