Sunday Mornings

On Sunday mornings we meet at Christchurch @ Peartree Tewin Road at 11:15am and Christchurch @ Parkway at 930AM


10-13’s: LaunchPad Listening to some new Christian music, playing games or doing a bible study, at LaunchPad we aim to ping you into the coming week, inspired and able to live to your full potential. The group is a great way to meet new people, make friends and find out a bit more about God while you’re at it.

Most young people come whilst their parents are in the service, but you’re welcome if it’s just you too!

14-18’s: LaunchPad+: this group is for the older young people who are up for a bit of discussion, where either they can find out about God for the first time if you’re exploring Christianity, or debate some of the challenges of living out your faith if you already know God.

The thought behind the name is the same: this group aims to be a spring board – equipping you and challenging you for the week ahead.



Integr8 10-15’s We love hanging out, playing some fun games and catching up about each others week as well as looking at a bible study and praying together.