Youth follow-up activities (16/10)
18th October 2020

Hello Everyone!

Hello you wonderful young people and welcome to Youth @ Home

For the next few weeks we will be following along with the adults and the wider church. The idea being that you can take part in church at home with your families and keep chatting through the subjects.

Throw back Sunday

Did someone say McFlurry?!

Riddle/challenge of the week

Each week we will be having a riddle/question of the week. If you can text me the right answer (no cheating – God knows!) by the end of Sunday, you will be entered in our riddle/question of the week draw where you can win loads of prizes. The winner will be revealed in next week’s online session.

THIS WEEKS RIDDLE/CHALLENGE: True or false, a third of your bones are found in your feet?



Grab a cuppa, a coffee or a squash. Join your parents and listen to this week’s video.


Here are some questions we encourage you to chat through with your families in response to today’s Live service stream

Years 7-9

  • What is one thing that Simon said that stood out to you? Why?
  • What is something you are excited to let go of from the past and something you are upset to let go of?
  • When times change and you find it hard do you find it easier to complain or to trust God? What might effect that?

Years 10-13

  • What will you let go of, and what will you hold on to in this changing time? How have you grown after the past 6 months?
  • Do you complain too much?
  • What holds you back from trusting God in the desert land?

Beckah is available between 11am and 12pm today to chat through some of your answers on Whatsapp.  

Things to do

Here are a few extra bits you can engage with this week….enjoy!


Dan’s worship playlist number 3!



Each week we will share one of our favourite worship songs – if you’ve found a banger and want to share it then please drop me a message!


Thank you that you join us in the desert land. Help me have a heart of trust and not of complaint and to keep looking for new ways to grow



  • Notice what is around you. God may be speaking to you through what you notice as you focus on Him.  
  • What is God saying to you about following him?
  • Where is he leading you in your life?

Available help

If you are struggling with the changes which are going on around you then please don’t suffer alone. There is help available! and

We also have a parish nurse available if anyone has queries about themselves or others at this time. You can contact Barbara by email at

Beckah Cronin