Christchurch at Home
19th April 2020


We’re glad you’re joining us for ‘Christchurch at Home’ – we welcome you and look forward to sharing in this online service. If you’re a guest visiting us online for these services, please do get in touch and let us know how you found it – we’d love to hear from you!

Today is slightly different – we all start all together with opening worship, news of the Easter story competition and a short showcase of what you’ve been up to during the lockdown.

After the start, there are two tracks:

  • An interactive session for children & their families, involving our young people. It’s called ‘I am @home’ – just click on the video in the playlist. We are aiming to do this once a month. (Grown-ups can come back to rest of the service later!)
  • Those without children present can just let the service video continue to play – includes Encountering Jesus during lockdown’ (John 20:19-23), this week’s Frontline Focus and prayers for the world.

Don’t forget to phone a friend you’d usually see on a Sunday after the service… for a virtual coffee & catch up.

And if you’d like someone to pray with you please contact including your number and a member of our team will phone you back.

The message outline is on the YouVersion Bible App (Menu > Events > turn location on or search Christchurch Baptist WGC).

Tonight – Prayer at 7pm.

We are continuing to pause and pray at 7pm – not only for the UK but also for the vulnerable communities now experiencing their first cases around the world. Do please join us wherever you are and light a candel of hope – whether for 2 minutes, 20 or more!

“I am” at home Playlist

Click for our family worship playlist